Talent Management in Practice

By March 3, 2018 Posted in Talent Management

How does the concept of talent management operates in the real world? How does it come to life in a business environment? Why is it important to business leaders? We spent time with Marcelo Castro, Founder & CEO at MarketLogic, to gather his perspective. MarketLogic is a Strategic, Creative and […]

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Effective Execution

By March 2, 2018 Posted in Leadership

A key characteristic of strong leadership is the ability to execute well.  At its core, execution simply means to bring something to a successful conclusion.  Effective execution is a key determinant of a business success or failure.  We invited Lawrence Lubrano, Chief Operating Officer at Stephens & Associates, Inc. to […]

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Dealing With the Traditional Performance Evaluation

By December 1, 2017 Posted in Talent Management

The performance evaluation process is supposed to be a time for a constructive, objective and unsurprising discussion between managers and employees.  After all, sound feedback plays an important purpose in giving employees a sense of meaning and direction in what they do.  For many, however, the traditional performance evaluation is […]

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How to Land the Right Job

By September 15, 2017 Posted in Talent Management

Landing a choice job can be a complicated enterprise, particularly if one is not properly equipped to undertake this task.  In her book, Learning to Fish in the Twenty-First Century: Navigating the Career Waters to Find and Land a Choice Position,  author Donna Chlopak provides meaningful insights to help job […]

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