ExcelTrek provides an integrated, pragmatic and partnership-driven approach to human capital management. Each practice area is fully customizable to the specific needs of our clients and thus ensuring relevance and context in the planning and execution of each project.

Leadership Development

Effective leadership has a profound impact on individual, group and organizational performance. At ExcelTrek, we help our clients strengthen the competencies and mindset that nourish and perpetuate a purpose driven, dynamic, relevant and inspirational culture of leadership in the organization.

ExcelTrek Leadership Development Services

  • Proprietary Leadership Development Programs
  • Advisory Services
  • Succession Planning Program
  • Leadership Assessment Tools
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment Tools
  • High Potential Management Program
  • Team Building Workshops
  • New Leader Development Program
  • Leadership Competency Design
  • Leadership Curriculum Design
  • Board Composition
  • Board Governance

Executive Coaching

Coaching is a highly effective human capital management tool.  It is an immersive and creative process focused on helping clients learn more about themselves and expand their personal and professional capabilities.  

ExcelTrek’s coaching practice is defined as a confidential relationship-driven partnership between the coach and the client. It is built upon a self-discovery model in which the client determines the action path forward based on increased self-awareness and deeper personal insights.  The coach facilitates the self-discovery process by the expert deployment of various supportive coaching tools including objective setting, assessments, insightful probing, active listening, action planning, and follow-up.

ExcelTrek Executive Coaching Services

  • Individual Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Internal Coaching Program Design
  • Coaching Assessment Tools
  • Coaching Workshops
  • Proprietary “The Leader | Coach Program””
  • Proprietary “The Coaching Culture Program”

Talent Management

At its essence, talent management refers to an organization’s capacity to understand and intelligently manage the acquisition, development, deployment and retention of its human capital.

At ExcelTrek, we focus our practice on two key areas – Talent Management Structure and Talent Management Cycle – and provide the expertise to help organizations define a systematic and integrated approach to the talent management process.  

ExcelTrek Talent Management Services

  • Talent Management Model Design
  • Workforce Analysis
  • Performance Management Process Design
  • Employee Survey Design & Analysis
  • Proprietary “Culture Connection Program”
  • High Potential Management Program
  • Career Path Design
  • Employee Recognition Program
  • Employee Onboarding Process
  • Succession Planning Program
  • Mentoring Program

Enterprise Learning

Leading organizations are, by definition, learning organizations.  

ExcelTrek helps companies enhance the management of their training & development platform through high quality enterprise learning assessment, design and facilitation.

ExcelTrek Enterprise Learning Services

  • Learning & Development Design
  • Training & Development Effectiveness Program
  • Assessment Tools Implementation & Training
  • Facilitation of Proprietary Training Modules
  • Design and Facilitation of Customized Training Modules
  • Proprietary “Train the Trainer Program”

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