” I highly recommend ExcelTrek. I’ve had the pleasure to know Fred Machado for 15 years and worked with him on various projects throughout Europe and Asia. Fred is an outstanding professional passionately devoted, to put it simply, to the ideal of helping companies improve their ability to manage people. Fred is a knowledgeable, intuitive and pragmatic consultant, with an enormous capacity to transform concepts into actionable working plans.”

John Fleming | Executive Director | EY

“Fred is an outstanding human capital expert. His consulting model effectively combines both a conceptual understanding and a commonsensical approach to the delivery of solutions uniquely tailored to the needs of his audience. It is a privilege to know and work with Fred.”

Frances Aldrich Sevilla-Sacasa | Former President, Citigroup Latin America Private Banking

“Fred is a formidable resource for any company seriously committed to people development.  Fred is supremely gifted as an executive coach with an approach aimed at enabling people to discover for themselves their own path for continuous personal growth.  He is also highly skilled at identifying practical and tailor-made solutions that can materially maximize leadership effectiveness and group cohesion.”

Sergio Kimio Enokihara | Founder & CEO | Artem Capital

“Fred is an outstanding human capital consultant and consummate professional. His work consistently exhibits superior knowledge, earthly-footed pragmatism and laser-focused client centricity. I had the privilege to partner with Fred in a complex cultural integration project involving various businesses joined together following a M&A. His leadership was instrumental in enabling the institutionalization of a coherent vision & values strategy critical to the success of the business.”

Adriano Lima | Founder & CEO | AL+ People & Performance Solutions

“For several years now I have had the pleasure of working with Fred and have greatly benefited from his expertise as a strategic human capital practitioner. Fred is truly a leader in all respects. Fred is uniquely equipped to add long-lasting value to his clients.”

Lisa Rek | President/Founder | ReKruiting Advisors

“Fred brings the right combination of intellectual ability, pragmatism and understanding to each of his clients and his practice. I’ve known Fred for many years and, having worked with him, I can attest to his passionate, thorough and people-focused approach to delivering people development solutions.”

Donna Chlopak | Author & Adjunct Professor | Rutgers University

“I had the privilege to partner with Fred on various client engagement projects in the private banking industry across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  Fred consistently exhibited an in-depth understanding of what customers wanted; I never saw him without a dog-eared copy of the latest customer data in his hands. He was central to starting the culture and capability shift required to change private bankers from polite order takers into proactive sparring partners, confidantes and networkers. Fred is warm, positive and fun to work with, and influential in an understated way. His humble nature masks his determination, attention to detail and big picture thinking.”

Peter Flade | Partner | All In

“I had the privilege to work with Fred on various projects covering multiple countries around Europe, Asia and the Middle-East. It was a great pleasure to work with Fred. He is a very driven, highly skilled professional with high work ethics and integrity. Moreover, he is one of the kindest, authentic people I have come across during my career.”

Eveline Maas | Founder | Purpose People

“Fred’s coaching was crucial on my career transition process. He was key on moving me into action and making me believe that I could take the necessary steps for change. I have to say that thanks to our coaching engagement, I was able to move beyond the analysis-paralysis mode and achieve what I wanted.”

Leticia Hartman | President/Founder | Exploritat

“Fred has been a partner on multiple projects for about 20 years. He has a remarkable ability for seeing the big picture combined with a keen attention to pragmatism which has earned him the confidence and respect of those he works with. Fred will get the job done with the most professional of manners and one can do no better than to choose to work with him.”

Dennis Nason | Chairman | Nason Group

“I have known Fred for 15 years and was privileged to partner with him on projects in Europe and Asia. Fred is an outstanding HR consultant. He is enormously effective at understanding organizational needs and translating it into actionable plans. In view of his international experience, he brings a seasoned approach to the delivery of HR solutions in a multi-cultural environment. Fred is a highly reliable and ethical partner. It has been my honor to work with Fred and I highly recommend his services to any organization.”

Himanshu Shah | Global Head of Compensation & Benefits | Vopak

“Fred is an outstanding Human Resources professional with decades of experience with executives at all levels.  His extensive expertise in leadership development and executive coaching are evident by his relaxed and insightful approach as well as his ability to bring humor and flexibility to his practice with a wide variety of personalities.  Fred’s extensive international background also serves him well in providing consulting services in diverse cross-cultural environments.  Fred is subtle and effective as he supports his clients in discovering and realizing their unique visions for personal and professional fulfillment.”

Patricia Woodson | President | Activist, Inc.

“I consider Fred Machado an exceptional HR consultant. He is remarkably gifted at transforming HR theory into pragmatic, high quality solutions addressing real life business needs. Additionally, Fred is a very thoughtful and authentically caring human being. His wisdom and insightful perspective has been quite helpful to me in my career. Fred is an esteemed colleague and friend and has my unreserved support.”

Miguel Corvalan | Managing Director | Credit Suisse AG

“I have worked closely with Fred for several years. He is the consummate HR professional. Knowledgeable, strategic, and consistently focused on bringing value-added and practical solutions aligned with the best interests of the organization. Fred displays genuine respect for the value and dignity of each individual, which underlines the personal approach he brings to each relationship. I endorse Fred without reservation.”

Richard Tuschman | Owner | Richard D. Tuschman, P.A.

“It has been an immense pleasure to know and work with Fred over the past several years. He is a very talented and intuitive coach with an enormous ability to empathize with people, understand their issues and help them find their own paths for development and growth. Fred has an in-depth understanding of leadership development and his work in this area has materially contributed to my own growth as a leader.”

Arturo Giacosa | Tax Partner | RSM US LLP

“I’ve had the privilege to work with Fred on numerous projects over the years.  His passion and enthusiasm for helping organizations better manage their human resources is contagious.  Fred is an outstanding professional with a keen ability to listen and singular capacity to help clients identify actionable solutions customized to their specific needs.    Fred has demonstrated an exceptional talent to empathize with others and to think creatively for ways to resolve issues and solve problems.”

Luciana Zamith | Principal Attorney | Zamith Fischer Law, LLC

I have worked with Fred for many years covering multiple international markets. Throughout our business relationship, Fred’s coaching and acute perspective meaningfully impacted my own growth as a business leader. Fred has an innate ability to help people identify and utilize their strengths in a consistent and productive manner. I have enormous respect for Fred and consider him a terrific professional.

Alexandre Pinelli | Executive Director | UBS Wealth Management

“I have known Fred Machado for over a decade. During the course of our business relationship, he has added tremendous value to our talent acquisition and organizational development needs. Fred is a great friend and mentor. I turn to him for advice in talent management practices including career development, succession planning and leadership development. Fred’s experience, knowledge and client focus make him a great asset to any organization.”

Maria Gonzalez | Senior Vice President | Mercantil Bank

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